The Locavore Movement

I just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It really made me think about what I buy and what I eat. It gave me a lesson on the bigger picture and what it all boils down to. It may have even fundamentally changed me in some way. I think it may have clarified the direction in which my life should be going. I don’t mean to get philosophical about it, but reading this book did affect me deeply.

Working with food, mostly cooking and developing recipes right now, is the one single activity in my life that brings me to a place of zen, of calm, of presence and of thoughtlessness. Don’t get me wrong, cooking can be stressful and busy and bustling, but for me, it’s the zone. Beyond that, I yearn to teach people about food and help people with food. So having said all that, I read this book and something clicked inside my head and I feel like my next step, may be a step towards doing these things and working with some local food groups. But I also want to get out on to the farm and learn some things first hand there.

I did some research and found my local food organizations and some other interesting stuff. Some of the sites I found are here;

I’m not really sure if I’m in on the locavore movement as a hard and fast rule, but I do think it makes sense and would like to get more involved. After reading this book I am visiting the farmers market more often, thinking a lot more about what food I’m buying, if it’s local and if it’s organic and wanting to cook even healthier and more delicious food. I even have a Basil plant, a tomato plant and I’ve ordered some heirloom vegetables to start growing.

I suppose I’d like to hear more about what other people think, but less on a mainstream level and more on a personal level.

I’ll keep you posted on how it all unfolds.


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