Pre-Thanksgiving Ramblings and no, there’s not a turkey…

I’m not sure why, but just this very second, I began to feel a little nervous about not having a turkey or at least a turkey part, at Thanksgiving. I didn’t have turkey last year. I put together a fairly huge vegetarian feast and didn’t miss the turkey one bit. And this year, while putting together my menu for another vegetarian Thanksgiving feast, I wound up only mere steps away from a vegan Thanksgiving feast so decided to go that route. And while I am a bit nervous about working with the vegan substitutions, like butter, egg and other dairy substitutes, I’m pretty stoked about the whole idea. I’ve never purposely cooked vegan and am not familiar with how the substitutes react to mixing, heat, etc…, but am very hopeful. And though honestly, at this point in my life, believe that there really is no good substitute for butter, I’ve written some pretty solid recipes and feel good about it.

So I’m not sure what’s going on with the sudden turkey fear, but here’s what I am making. Since these are new recipes that I’ve just written, I haven’t tried them yet. I’ll post the actual recipes after Thanksgiving, once I’ve actually worked with them.


3 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Ramblings and no, there’s not a turkey…

  1. How did your vegan feast go? We did a 90% vegan feast and just had some cheeses on hand for my mother in law who’s on a restrictive diet and cheese was one of the only foods she could eat. Everything else was vegan and our guests (all omnivores) loved it.

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