Pilgrim Pie, a Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

This dish uses the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers. Actually, I do have a fair amount of stuffing in the freezer but other than that our kitchen is free from Thanksgiving leftovers.

I through it together when I was doing my post-Thanksgiving refrigerator cleaning. It was a quick meal for later in the week when I would likely be too tired to cook. It turned our really great and waiting a few days to enjoy it gave my stomach and taste buds a bit of time to re-calibrate after the initial Thanksgiving feast. There was a small amount of extra prep to make this happen, but it was well worth it.

I realize it’s a little late for Thanksgiving leftovers at this point, but as many of my recipes show, it is a lesson of creativity on how to use leftovers.

The first thing I did was put about three cups of my Vegan Apple Pecan Cornbread Stuffing into the food processor and turn it into crumbs to line the baking dish with.

The next step was to crumble up some of my Vegan Thanksgiving Loaf and brown it. I did this for caramelization and to cook out some of the excess moisture. I thought this would lend best to a nice texture in the finished Pilgrim Pie.

I then began to layer everything up in the baking dish. So, once the stuffing crumbs were in, I layered on about 2 cups of the crumbled, caramelized loaf. After that I added the leftover Vegan Green Bean Casserole, about a cup of mixed frozen vegetables, Vegan Mushroom Gravy, crispy onions and Vegan Mashed Potatoes. I topped that off with the last of the crispy onions and voila, I had Pilgrim Pie!

At this point, I wrapped it up and stuck in the refrigerator for later in the week. When it was time to cook it, I set the oven to 350 degrees and baked it, covered, for about an hour. I then removed the covering and baked it for about 5 more minutes for the crispy onions to get even more golden and delicious.

Add the last precious spoonfuls of the most incredible Roasted Cranberry Chutney and some Vegan Mushroom Gravy and you’re ready to eat.


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