Great Find: 3-Tier Dessert Holder/Produce Basket

I was at Target the other day, wandering around as I do, and came across this 3-Tier Dessert Holder. I don’t really need such a thing, but I wouldn’t mind having one around as long as I can use it for something else in the meantime. I’d been looking for a produce basket for sometime and using an extra large stainless steel bowl. So when I saw this dessert tray and that it was rather large I thought it would make a perfect produce basket. Just as a point of reference, the yellow onions on the bottom are nearly softball sized, so it’s got space. I also love that I can separate different types of produce and that the bananas work perfectly on the top. It just goes to show you that sometimes, you have to look in unexpected places to find something that works for your kitchen. Be creative and think outside the box.


*Please note that this blog post is in no way attempting to promote any specific product or store.


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