A Day in the Life (of my eating)

I thought it might be interesting to look at an average day of what I eat. Fair warning though, I’m a big eater. Well, really I’m a big snacker. I’m always snacking on something. I’ve always been a big snacker, though over the years what I snack on has gotten a lot better. Aside from the health benefits of how eat, how I eat allows me to eat more, which I love. Because I eat mostly whole-foods that are plant based, I take in a lot less calories which allows me to happily snack away. Plus when your eating a whole-foods plant based diet I find it critical to never let yourself get to the point of feeling starved, so snacking takes care of that.

Breakfast on weekdays is pretty predictable for me. I am happy to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday for months. Then I’ll switch it up and eat the new thing everyday for months. Weekends are a lot more creative with curried tofu burritos or Cracked Wheat Porridge. At this point in time I eat toast nearly every weekday morning. My bread is homemade so I know exactly what’s in it. Most days I’ll put almond butter on my toast (also home made).

Morning ToastI also have a couple of whole fruits in my bag for the mid-morning hunger. Always an apple and a banana or an orange (or both).

Daily FruitThis is today’s lunch. I eat a big salad nearly everyday without fail. I really love salad and it makes me feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. I like a lot of variety in my salads so I add lots different things. It may vary from day to day, or it may not. I’m not a big salad dressing person, usually just a drizzle of vinegar, but I do like to add something like hummus or a grain salad that I’ve got in the fridge. Today I opted for a whole wheat pita so I skipped the grains.

Lunch SaladAs I said earlier, I’m a big snacker. These are the snacks that I packed with me for munching between lunch and dinner, while I’m in class. There’s a gap of just over 6 hours between these two meals today and that’s a long time for me to not eat! I’ve packed some edamame, carrot sticks, cucumbers and my orange from earlier in the day that I didn’t eat.

Daily SnacksFor dinner I had another whole wheat pita and stuffed it with my Italian Stir-fry and some fresh spinach. It was a perfect light dinner. I had a four hour class tonight and arrived home pretty late so it was important not to eat to heavily.

Italian Stir-fry pitaSo there you go, that’s a day in the life of my eating (though I still didn’t eat my orange).

As a note, I’m not writing this blog post to tell you what you should eat or to recommend any particular type of diet. I just wanted to show you that a whole-foods plant based diet can be incredibly satisfying and delicious.


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