SproutsI planted these sprouts on Friday. I decided to use soil instead of my sprouting jar. Just for fun. It’s working really well. They’re over an inch tall already. I can literally sit here and watch them grow! I’ll let them go for a few more days and have a delicious sprout salad. Sprouts2These sprouts are a spicy sprout blend from my local health food store. I just added a layer of rock and a thick layer of soil to a plastic shoebox. Then I spread the sprouting seeds, thickly, over the surface. I covered it with a nice, even quarter inch of soil and watered it well. I’m watering it twice daily at this point.

Sprouts3These sprouts are sort of and official start to my second growing season this year. The first one didn’t go very well. I currently have a beautiful tomato plant that’s just about 6 feet tall and showing no signs of flower or fruit. I also have a green bean plant with battle scars. A squirrel tore through our screen and stole most of the plant. But there was one small piece left over. And it’s growing. My peas were a complete bust. I did harvest some great radish greens and a few little radishes. Anyway, I could go on and on with those stories.

Go grow something. It’s incredibly fulfilling.


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