Camp Eats from the local Farmers’ Market

School starts tomorrow. I’ve been going a bit crazy for the last month or so trying to get things done before school starts. Cleaning the house, cooking as much as possible, sleeping. Once school starts life is going to get a bit full. I won’t have a lot of time to do those things that get done on a daily and/or weekend’ly basis. So in trying to plan out some recipes for the blog for the next few months I was looking through my photos and I came across these from a camping trip we took back in August. I know they’re late. I know there’s a foot of snow on the ground outside so they’re not exactly timely. But this was a great camping trip and I’m gonna write this post anyway.

One of the best things about this trip was the food. Usually when we go camping I plan and plan and plan. I love the challenge of making delicious, healthy food in an outdoor setting. But it can be a bit exhausting as well (the planning part). This trip though, was a bit last minute. I didn’t really have the time or the energy to plan, so I didn’t. Instead we stopped at the local farmers’ market, picked up a bunch of stuff (and a few items from the grocery store) and ate off of that for the weekend. We also picked up this cool grill thingy from the local hardware store. Because of the lack of time and planning, we also forgot our handy cast iron pans that we generally take camping with us.

We wound up with these delicious open faced sandwiches with hummus, heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers, with spinach and avocado on a local artisan bread for lunch and marinated and grilled tofu with eggplant, asparagus, mushrooms and corn on the cob with garlic bread, for dinner. Plus we had yummy peaches, blueberries and yellow watermelon to snack on. It was awesome!

What I learned from this trip was that we CAN go camping without me obsessively planning. And it will be awesome and delicious. Especially if it’s summer and the farmers’ market is in session.


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