Veggie Chips {Photos}

Veggie Chips3I’ve been working on making veggie chips for awhile. I still haven’t gotten it quite right so I’m not posting a recipe, but wanted to post these photos because they’re just so pretty.

Steve got me a Benriner slicer for Christmas last year and every so often, in between work and school, I slice up some veggies and give them a roast, in an effort to get perfectly crisp veggie chips to snack on. Unfortunately what I get is mostly dried out veggie chips that are crispy (almost too crispy) on the edges and quite leathery and tough in the middle (see photo above). So they’re a work in progress.

Veggie Chips2I love the colors here. The watermelon radishes are so striking and I love the variation with the three different color carrots.

Veggie Chips

So until I get this recipe just right, please enjoy the beautiful colors here.


2 thoughts on “Veggie Chips {Photos}

  1. I’m waiting for your wonderful recipe on the asparagas w/ the garlic you made for me. It was so delicous I can’t stop thinking about tasting it again, although I’m not sure if I’ m able to make it taste as wonderful as you did,😸
    But I want to try, Thanks.

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