Something different, something new

So I was just writing this longish post in one of the Facebook groups I’m in, sort of an update post, when it occurred to me that this could easily be a blog post. And I’ve really been looking for the inspiration to get blogging again so….. Then it occurred to me that my blog posts don’t have to be all recipes. I wish I would have realized that years ago. So here we go. Let’s see if we can get blogging again.

Anyway, today was a pretty good day. Though Ruby did decide not to nap so much over the last few days, she is generally still in good spirits. She is all over the house and now crawls across the living room into the hallway, down the hall a few feet to the kitchen, to find me.

I spent some time in the kitchen today. It’s a rarity for me since Ruby was born. Most days I just don’t have the energy. But once in awhile I get in there and make a bunch of stuff. This morning I made a potato and chorizo fritatta or casserole. Potatoes, onions, peppers, collard greens, Field Roast Mexican Chipotle Sausages and Daiya Cheddar Farmhouse Block. Then I added a double batch of chickpea pancake batter (I use this recipe as my base, Giant Chickpea Pancake) to the dish and baked it for about 40 minutes. It was fantastic!

While I was cooking, Ella Bella took a much needed nap. It’s tough being a kitty. Especially when there’s a little one pulling your tail and your mommy forgets to feed you all day :(.

Oh, I made bread today. I love making it. It’s cheaper, it’s yummier, but we eat more of it. Not that I have a problem with that. But this is a 4 cup loaf here, every two days now. Even though today’s batch stuck to the bowl, it was really delicious. Maybe the best loaf I’ve ever made. It has a really nice crumb and chewy texture thanks to the blending of different flours. I’ve been adding a bit of chickpea flour in with the spelt and bread flours because it gives the crust an airiness, and a lovely crispy crunch.

I also made coconut curry and yellow rice. I forgot to take a picture of it before I packed it away in the fridge. I added a photo.

The last photo I just threw in because it was YUM. This is sweet potato and zucchini enchiladas that I made a couple of days ago.

p.s. I know it’s been a long, long time since I’ve published a post here. A lot has happened since then. 🙂


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