Sunday Morning

I wish every morning were Sunday morning. Don’t you? Sunday mornings are made for relaxing. Sundays are made for lounging around, sipping your coffee, not taking anything too seriously and just doing things that make you feel good. Even when your Sunday mornings start a little earlier than you might like.

We were up pretty early this morning at 6am. I try to lay there as long as I can and pretend I’m still sleeping in hopes that Ruby will go back to sleep. But it never works out that way. She pulls my hair, climbs all over me, and talks my ear off until I finally turn over and confirm, that I am in fact awake. Then we proceed with the good morning kisses until she’s giggling so hard she’s snorting. I don’t think there’s anything more amazing to wake up to than this precious thing smiling at me, ready to face the day. So we lay there and cuddle and play for about half an hour until we’re both ready to peel ourselves out of bed, do a quick diaper change and head into the living room to play while mama gets some coffee. I want to note that today is a rainy, cloudy day. A day destined for laying around in bed snuggling. But Ruby doesn’t really care.

Either way, Sunday mornings are the best. And on this particular Sunday I woke up with energy, feeling rested and ambitious. That coupled with the fact that I have a clean kitchen and lots of fun food to play with guarantees that somethings going down in the kitchen today. I do like to cook large breakfasts on weekends, but today felt different. I felt a desire to cook that I haven’t felt in a long time. I also had the opportunity because Ruby was in the middle of her first nap of the day. Before I knew it I found myself slicing up onions for sauteed kale, and dicing them for home fries along side potatoes and peppers. These are just my usual recipes for tofu scramble and home fries , though today I add a sweet potato to the home fries, because why not. I usually don’t include greens with our breakfast (which has clearly been a mistake on my part), but we had a big bunch of curly kale from our farm box so I though, why not. So I chopped up the kale, sliced up an onion, and grated a giant clove of garlic and added it to a pan with a little coconut oil and let it wilt away while I made the rest. It was all really sort of effortless. That’s when you know you’re really enjoying yourself.

Ruby LOVE’s food! I mean, don’t you dare put something near your mouth unless you have something for her. Seriously. She will scream. Just saying. So of course I wanted her to try all of the yummy things I made this morning. Especially because she hadn’t really had most of it yet. I mean, she’s had curry before (tofu scramble) and she’s had sweet potatoes (home fries), and actually, she’s had curried sweet potatoes, but never tofu or kale or regular potatoes. As you can see in the photo, she loved it all. And I’m not surprised either. She loves everything, except maybe cucumber. And she’s not super fond of tomatoes.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday. Snuggle, Eat, Repeat.


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