558335_4206981971380_1999411566_n I think about food constantly. At any given point in time if you ask me what’s up, I’m likely working through a recipe in my mind or thinking about all of the elements of say, a piece of celery and thinking about how many ways I can use it.

I get inspiration from all over, whether it’s a purple sticker on a wall (which could signal eggplant, blueberry, grapes, etc…) or the smell of garlic as I walk by a market or even just the mention of a certain food. Instantly my brain starts sifting through all of the ingredients in it’s index and putting new things together. Sometimes they don’t work out. Sometimes they work out amazingly.

There a few elements that guide the way that I cook and eat. And I’m not sure if one is more prominent than another. I believe in healthy eating. I suppose this can mean different things to different people, but for me it means being mindful of what goes into my body. I’ve been more focused on whole foods plant-based eating for about 4 months, and before that I was a vegetarian for about 3 years. Before that I went back and forth between being a meat eater and a vegetarian for years. And while eating a whole foods plant-based diet has worked pretty well for me, I still have some poor habits that I’m working towards changing. I’m a bit of a chip’aholic. I love potato chips, tortilla chips, rice chips, crackers, anything salty and crunchy. I’ve gotten a lot better but still have work to do in order to work these processed foods out of my diet.

I believe in listening to your body in order to determine what you put in it. The more whole foods plant-based I eat, the better I feel. My mind is clearer and I have more energy. Plus, a whole foods plant-based diet allows me to eat more, and I love to eat.

I enjoy cooking from scratch. It’s easier, it’s healthier, and it’s more fun. There is great joy in using your own homemade bread to make a sandwich with your own homemade nut butter or veggie burger. There is also a great joy in knowing that for $1.99 I can make four meals from a bag of dry beans. It is my personal goal to be able to make everything I eat from scratch, as well as grow my own food. I think this way of cooking is a lost art. And I intend, at least in my home, to bring it back.

I went to culinary school awhile back but wasn’t in to the 16 hour days and stress. I did put in about 12 years of restaurant service between waiting tables, cooking in small restaurants and country clubs alike and even running a couple of kitchens along the way.

Soon I will begin my journey into an education in nutrition as I work towards becoming a Registered Dietician. I hope to be able to combine my culinary background with nutrition and fundamentally change the way the people think about and relate to food.

Aside from cooking and food related things, I love anything outdoors, camping, hiking, exploring….. I’m also into photography and play a bit with that here and there.

I’m lucky enough to have an incredible boyfriend who is willing to eat ANYTHING I cook and gets into the kitchen with me whenever he can. He’s excited about cooking, creating and trying new things and loves all of the delicious vegetarian and vegan food I make. He even loves to go with me to the farmers market, where he usually picks out a cool ingredient and makes a new dish with.

Oh, I also have a cat, Oscar.  He’s a long hair something or other and about 14 years old.  We’ve been together since the day he was born, at which point I owned his parents. Oscar is very clear photo(3)on the fact that I exist for his pleasure and is not afraid to show it by a quick nibble on the ankle, toe, arm or whatever he can get to. Although Oscar doesn’t generally get to sample the food, he is a bit of floor sweeper and will eat whatever falls on the floor.  Oscar is also know as ‘the dog’, because he acts more like a dog than a cat. But mostly, he sleeps.



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