Granola Any Way You Like

Granola has to be one of the best prepared foods ever. It’s incredibly easy to make, you can change it each time to keep things exciting, you can pack it full of super nutritious stuff like flax, chia, hemp, nuts, coconut oil, blackstrap molasses, dried fruits. Really the only limit is your imagination and palate. […]

Texturized Soy Protein + Basic Marinade

Texturized Soy Protein (TSP) can be a daunting ingredient to work with. I’ve had a bag in my cabinet for about a year now, waiting for the perfect use to present itself to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like using TSP. I’m inspired to use TSP. I have ideas for using TSP. But I’ve […]

DIY: Oatmeal Wheat Bread

*Disclaimer: I’m not a baker, I’m a chef. I’ve been playing with baking more and more and have found this recipe successful and so, I’m sharing it. I’ve been working on making my own bread for a few months now. And while I cannot say that I’ve been super successful (at least in my mind), […]