Middle Eastern Birthday Feast

The Middle Eastern Birthday Feast was a menu I put together for my boyfriend’s birthday party. I wanted to maintain a vegetarian spread but also bring in strong flavors, not to mention feed a bunch of non-vegetarian guys happily. I’m happy to say that it all went well. I planned on feeding about 12-15 guests […]

Roasted Beets and Grilled Halloumi Cheese

I wish I had a picture of this. It was so pretty. I knew I wanted to use Halloumi cheese. I’d never worked with it before and was thrilled that you could grill it. I also knew I wanted to serve beets. So this salad was born. I couldn’t actually find golden beets so ended […]

Roasted Vegetable Moussaka

Here’s another dish from the Middle Eastern Birthday Feast. I’m not a big fan of the more traditional Greek Moussaka with the cream sauce and I have a hard time making something that I don’t really like. Luckily I had recently had a Turkish Style Moussaka that I fell in love with. I couldn’t seem […]