African Peanut Stew with Quinoa

Fair warning, this dish has a good amount of prep. It’s easy prep, but there’s a lot of chopping going on. Unfortunately that may prevent it from being on your weeknight dinner list. The good news is, it makes quite a lot and get’s better as it sits. So make it on a Sunday afternoon […]

Pilgrim Pie, a Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

This dish uses the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers. Actually, I do have a fair amount of stuffing in the freezer but other than that our kitchen is free from Thanksgiving leftovers. I through it together when I was doing my post-Thanksgiving refrigerator cleaning. It was a quick meal for later in the week when […]

Banana and Cranberry Bread Pudding

This recipe is all about the baguette that was slowly dying on my counter. And though I love a good baguette (smeared with butter), I wasn’t really in the mood. The baguette in question had been on my counter for a couple of days now and likely would have made it to my garbage at […]