The Vegan Journals

I’ve recently gotten more in to cooking vegan dishes. It started because I happened to be reading a lot more vegan blogs and somehow or another worked it’s way in to my Thanksgiving feast. Since then I am much more cognizant of the vegan eats that are coming out of my kitchen. What’s most interesting to me is that there are quite a few things that we eat on a regular basis that are actually vegan. This led me to wonder…is it possible that people are eating more vegan foods than they realize? And if so, isn’t funny how many people scoff at the idea of ‘vegan’ cooking when they’re likely already enjoying vegan things!

So, all that said, I am going to go through my recipe box and start adding more delicious vegan dishes to my blog and perhaps open some eyes.

Disclaimer: I am not a vegan, but do appreciate good food.

Check out some of my vegan recipes here.


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